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Sapa kids playing

Travel Photo Roulette #50 Theme – Play

Get ready folks, it’s time to PLAY another round of photo roulette! The day Kieu & I were leaving to Prague, we received a tweet from Runaway Juno telling us we were the winner of the 49thPhoto Roulette! Wow! Fantastic! It made me remember the experience when I won big prizes at daisyslots.com. Do you want… Read more…

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3 Things In The City We Love – Honolulu

The beaches, the food, the people. What more can you ask for? Since we left the good ‘ole U.S. of A. eight months ago, we’ve had the joy of visiting many countries and fell in love with some great cities – Queenstown, Shanghai and Kyoto to name a few. We’re currently spending some quality time… Read more…

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