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La Boca in Color

6 Free Attractions to See in Buenos Aires

Save your pesos and centavos. You can visit Buenos Aires for FREE! It’s true. Plane tickets aside (and accommodation and food and souvenirs…), you really can visit Buenos Aires for free. Buenos Aires has your typical European city appeal — architecture, romance and charm — but without the ridiculous Euro price tag attached. Great food, historical… Read more…

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Friends | Ilha Grande

Making Friends in South America

One of the greatest pleasures of traveling abroad is making new friends. On this particular trip to S. America, we came out with two wins! Not only were we blessed to have friends from home join us in South America, but we left with great new memories and new friends we’ve made along the way…. Read more…

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Buenos Aires

Tango Lessons in Buenos Aires

Checking off #14 on our 30 before 30 list of travel must! You can’t go to Buenos Aires and NOT book tango lessons. It’s like going to New York and not seeing a broadway show. It’s like a right of passage when visiting Argentina. G booked us with Complejo Tango. This came highly recommended by… Read more…

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Buenos Aires

Why You Should Visit Buenos Aires

It’s cheap. It’s really cheap. Really really cheap. I mean outrageously, ridiculously cheap. Most cab rides are going to cost you $4 maybe $5. And in a city this big, you’ll be thankful there are plenty of taxis to go around. I dare you to cross the streets 16- lanes wide on foot. It’s big…. Read more…

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Buenos Aires

Food Trippin’ in Buenos Aires

For only 4- days in Buenos Aires, not half bad on the food frenzie.   In fact, we ate far better than expected. Buenos Aires is a playground for foodies and a mecca for meat lovers! Believe me, you won’t go hungry while you’re here. if you are visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina reserve a cena romantica… Read more…

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Iguazu Falls

Hostel Review | Marcopolo Inn Iguazu Falls

First thing you should know. There are 3 different Marcopolo establishments and 2 of them are called Inns — Hostel Inn, Marcopolo Inn and Marcopolo Suites. Confused? So was our driver. Our own taxi driver, a local no less, kept getting lost and taking us to the wrong one — the lesser, more grungier of… Read more…

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