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Ayse from OurExplorer

Meet Ayse: The Best Guide in Istanbul

Want to have a great cultural experience in Istanbul? Book with Ayse! Meet Ayse! She’s fun and smart and personable. She is informative and a wealth of knowledge. Here are a few more reasons why we think Ayse is pretty awesome: Responsive: Ayse will reply back. And quick. Speaks English: She speaks English very well — something… Read more…

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Top 5 Street Eats in Istanbul

The World’s Best Street Food? That’s a heavy title to live up to. And since we haven’t quite made our way around the world (not yet), Istanbul will hold the raining champion title for now. Here are our top 5 picks for the best street eats in Istanbul, Turkey. In no particular order. Kumpir Baked… Read more…

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Sultanahmet Koftecisi

The Real Sultanahmet Koftecisi

Don’t be fooled by their neighbors! This one is the real deal. Thank goodness for Ayse! Otherwise, we would have ended up at the wrong Sultanahmet Koftecisi. Who knew there were so many imposters around?! Our 4 hour tour with Ayse from OurExplorer ended at the Hippodrome and we had plans to have lunch at… Read more…

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Day Trippin’ in Ephesus

Skip underwhelming House of Mary and spend the day in ancient Ephesus! Ephesus is a major tourist attraction in Turkey and is one of the top destinations along the Mediterranean. And it’s obvious why. It’s the most well- preserved historical sites we’ve ever visited. When you’re cruising, it’s hard to find decent information on how… Read more…

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NCL: We’re Cruisin’ Now!

We’re on board the Norwegian Jade for a 12- day Mediterranean Cruise! After a week of traveling on our own from Milan to the Italian Riviera and Athens, we were more than ready to settle into our balcony suite for the next 12- days without the worry of having to pack up and lug around our… Read more…

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