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Hi Friends and Family!

I’ve been secretly planning an extended trip slated for June 2006 designed originally for my friends and I. But when cash was not flowing for most, G and I decided to take Europe on our own! His first trip out of the country, ever! I plan to make it an experience to remember. Armed with a 3 week Eurailpass, we are hitting up, what we call, the best of Europe, sampling superb cultures and tasty morsels along the way. Below is a briefing of where we plant to go and a bit about what we’re plan to do while there. Changes and more to come. Enjoy!

backpackeurope1 5- 6 June : London
We purposely cut London short knowing we would eventually be back where we started. But first on the agenda– fish ‘n chips!

backpackeurope2 6 June : Half Day in Bruxelles
We’re making a quick pit stop here on our way to Amsterdam. Here to enjoy all things Belgium– chocolate, waffles and fries.

backpackeurope3 6- 7 June : Amsterdam
Going to try some of their famous Heineken beer and other “special” treats!

backpackeurope4_0 8- 9 Muenchen
Eating brats and sausage at the Hofbrauhaus and kicking off the World Cup in true German style.

9 June : Day Trip to Fussen
A bike ride through the countryside followed by a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle.

backpackeurope5 10- 11 June : Venezia
Try our best not to get lost through the windy, dead- end streets of Venice making our way to St. Mark’s Sq.

11- 13 June : Roma
When in Rome.. we plan to do it all– Colloseum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican City, and of course, pizza!

13- 15 June : Firenze
Sampling the world’s best gelato one shop at a time.

backpackeurope6 15- 17 June : Interlaken
Extreme sports, here we come. Paragliding maybe?

17- 18 June : Nice
Enjoy some fun in the sun on the beach in the French Riviera.

backpackeurope7 19- 20 June : Barcelona
Can’t wait for tapas and sangria!

backpackeurope8 21- 23 June : Paris
L’amour! Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and much more.

23- 25 June : London
Back in London to end our 3- week trip. Shopping at Harrods is on the agenda.


Hopefully the next 30 days will fly by. 12 cities, 8 countries and 3 weeks — We cannot wait!

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