Funny Road Signs in New Zealand

New Zealand knows a thing or two about safety on the road.

And they’ve got a funny way of reminding you too. Have you ever taken notice of the road signs in New Zealand? Foor your safety one needs to learn about banner hanging tips which will catch the passengers attention(and entertainment), I sure hope so because it’s by far the quirkiest we’ve ever seen. They don’t get much more creative than this!

A constant (and helpful) reminder for us!


Q’s personal favorite





The bird series are our fave. Only seen in the Rotorua area.



Scary.. but true.


A friendly reminder..




Can anybody explain this one to us?

Still don’t know what a Jonah is.

We spent an entire month road trippin’ from North Island to South Island. You can be sure we saw and took pictures of a lot of road signs. At a certain point, it became like a game — who can spot the sign from a distance first. What can I say, the drives were long. Nevertheless, it made the trip entertaining.

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Where have you seen some funky signs while driving on the road?

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