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Your Noodle Guide to Vietnam

From pho, to bun to mi. It is all about the noodles. Vietnam is blessed with amazing food. I’m not being bias when I say that either, am I? From rice plates to spring rolls, savory crepes to delectable snails, not to mention the various types of noodle bowls, we Vietnamese know how to eat… Read more…

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Czech Please! Eating Out in Prague

Czech’ ing off our list of traditional good eats while in Prague. Probably the only place where it’s actually fun to ask for the bill. I know I got a kick asking for the “check”. I don’t know much about Czech food. I know they’re good for their beer. That’s it. So imagine my surprise… Read more…

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5 Sweet Eats in Hong Kong

Pigging out on popular sweet treats in Hong Kong and loving it! I’ll admit. I was much more excited to taste Hong Kong rather than catch the popular skyline view. In fact, we never did quite make it to Victoria Peak. Shame on us. But what we did not get to see we well made… Read more…

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