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How To Bargain Like An Indian

This is your how to guide to negotiating your way through India. Negotiating in India, whether it be for tuk tuk rides or bananas on the street, is an interesting experience all on its own. OK, I’m not claiming I’m an expert or anything, I’m pretty sure I’ve been ripped off plenty in India. After… Read more…

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Sonu’s Masala Dosa in New Delhi

Potatoes and onions and spices, oh my. First meal in New Delhi! New Delhi, India I know it’s not a great picture. I was too eager to dig in with my bare right hand to really care. We were told one of the first thing we should try when we land in India is a… Read more…

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Traveling India by Train

This is your rough how-to guide for traveling through India by train. Traveling India by train can be intimidating. But after our first train ride out of New Delhi to Jaisalmer, it didn’t take us long to learn the ropes. To my surprise, traveling India by train is actually quite easy. We spent three weeks… Read more…

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