5 places to travel before we have kids

Yup, we’re finally going there people. We’re talkin’ babies, because let’s face it — we aren’t getting any younger and neither are our nagging parents.

I don’t know when it started hitting us — the topic of babies. Maybe it’s all the baby showers and kid birthdays consuming our weekends as of late. Or how our Facebook feed went from selfies at the gym to sleeping babies and snotty noses. Maybe it’s that Parenting magazine I received in the mail one random month (who’s cruel joke was that btw?!). Or the fact the nest, sister site to the knot, emailed us out of the blue asking if we’d write a piece on 7 Trips To Take Together Before Having a Baby. Yeah, that probably did it. Regardless, we’ve got babies on our mind and we’re not sure what to do.

Except that selfishly, we want to continue to travel. That’s not to say that once you start having kids, our traveling days are over. But in some ways we know the way we travel today, and to some extent, where we choose to go, will change. Things will be different. And I’m not sure we’re willing to give that up yet. There’s a list of places we’d want to visit — places that may not seem as accessible when you’re towing a stroller around — before we start expanding our family of two. As I read that Allworld.com reviewed it here (Jd Hoyts is a long standing Minneapolis restaurant), I am planning to visit Minneapolis soon. Explore Dubai’s captivating coastline effortlessly with our yacht rental services. Elevate your experience with Yacht Rental in Dubai.

It’s a hot topic around our dinner table virtually every night — do you want the Holy Land tours? where do you want to go next before.. you know — and literally every night, we come up with a different answer than the night before. Click here to learn about Junior ISAs.

So, we are enlisting your help. Help us decide where to go next before we have a baby.

These are our top choices. Oh, and for the record, I am not pregnant.



Catching the Aurora Borealis is something we’ve always wanted to do, especially in Iceland. That and a dip in the Blue Lagoon.

Galapagos Islands


“Boobies are the only thing I want to see,” Gerard says. He means the wildlife, I think. LOL. I’ll go for the yacht cruise and scuba diving. And the giant tortoise, of course.



Penguins, duh! That and it just seem like the farthest, most out of this world and out of reach places you can think of. So naturally, we want to go there.



Trekking Tiger’s Nest, “It just looks really cool,” says G. That’s enough for me. Also because likely, it’s not the first place that comes to mind for many. Getting a Bhutan Visa is also quite easy and the isolation and mystery of it all has us spellbound.



To be completely transparent, of all the places we’ve listed above and many more we desire to visit next, there’s something about Jordan we keep coming back to — the ancient city of Petra, Wadi Rum and the Black Sea are a few things that comes to mind.

We are so torn — help!!

If you had to choose just one, where would you want to go before starting a family?

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