Siam Niramit: The Most Spectacular Show in Bangkok.. NOT!

An 80- minute “journey” is 80 minutes too long! Do not be fooled by the billboards and cab drivers telling you otherwise. This is probably the worst show on Earth.

So I shouldn’t be surprise when going through my memory card that I came out with a whopping 1 photo of momentum of a night I wish to forget. It’s not even a picture of the show!

I am sure the show was spectacular at one point, perhaps back in its hay day a long, long time ago.

It sure does have all the assets for a spectacular show — what with it’s larger than life, Vegas- size theatre, it’s Cirque du Soleil mystical and whimsical touch and it’s cast of over a hundred.

So what went wrong? Everything.

  • The Audience – Practically empty. A theatre of 2000 seats suddenly became a theatre of 1800 empty seats. Literally. The few of us who showed up paraded down the aisle to fill in the front rows seats you and I would normally pay hundreds of dollars for for a show in Vegas.
  • The Show – 3 Acts and 2- 4 Scenes per Acts later, I was lost. Overall, a lackluster and just plain boring show. It is suppose to be about the “Journey to the Enchanted Kingdom of Siam” but they lost me along the way.. probably in Act 1, Scene 1. There were no wow moments, nor were there any elements of surprise. Nothing you could call “spectacular”.
  • Other Attractions – There is suppose to be 10- acres, in addition to the theatre, a Thai Village, restaurants, souvenir shops, outdoor entertainments.. Funny G and I sat in one spot — a small square about the size of a tennis court and then an actual tennis court so you bring your racket from — and we saw one Elephant. That was it. And maybe it was at night, but no village, no restaurant, nothing.

Bottom line, it just fell short of it’s $40M investment. It was such a shame this is how we chose to spend our first night. But at the same time, I was thrilled this is how we chose to spend our first night because I know it can’t get any worse.

Nothing but up!

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