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Kickin’ It in Mykonos

Want to party it up in Mykonos? Just don’t come in October! Apparently, the party does stop in Mykonos. Off season is really off here in Mykonos. The tourists are all gone, so are the locals. Shops — closed. The few that stick around open for business when cruise ships, that’s us, pull into port. We… Read more…

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Picturesque Oia

Come visit the postcard, picture perfect village of Oia in Santorini, Greece. It’s true. Oia is the most beautiful, picturesque village of Santorini. Wandering the streets of Oia makes me feel like I’m in a snow globe. Just don’t shake it and wake me from this surreal moment and I’ll promise to show some amazing… Read more…

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Luck'y Souvlakis

Lucky’s Souvlakis, You’re My Gyro!

What’s the Best Thing You Ever Ate.. Wrapped? G found his here in Santorini, Greece. The single greatest part about Santorini – white washed houses, brilliant blue domes and dramatic cliff drops aside – is seeing G smile from ear to ear the moment he held this! Lucky’s Souvlakis | Main Street, Thira, Santorini 848 For… Read more…

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Exploring Santorini by Smart Car

If you are based in United States and you have been involved in a car accident, it would be big problem specially if you have incomplete car documents, better to update always your car registration to avoid another problem go to this website and know that the link will help you with your auto-registration papers,… Read more…

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Palace of Knossos

Visit the Palace of Knossos For Free!

The archeological site of Knossos is not to be missed on any visit to Crete. But did you know you could visit for free? Here are 3 ways you can visit the Palace of Knossos sans pay.  1. sunday If you’re planning a trip to Crete between November 1 and March 31, you’re in luck…. Read more…

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O Thanasis

Souvlaki at O Thanasis

We came to Athens with the intentions to do two things — see the Parthenon and eat Souvlaki.  Is it terrible for me to say we were looking forward to the Souvlaki more so than the Parthenon?! When it comes to food, we’re a cross between must- eat- highly- reviewed restaurants and seeking out the… Read more…

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Souvenir: Melissinos Sandal Maker in Athens

Looking for a piece of Athens to bring home with you? Look no further. I’ve read about Melissinos in virtually every travel book, blog and article there is out there. It’s as much a right of passage when visiting Athens as it is having souvlakis at O Thanasis or seeing the Parthenon itself. But you’ll… Read more…

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Athens: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Athens is not what we expect it to be. Not by a long shot. Our first impression — a eyebrow twist of shock followed by a “What the f*ck happened here?” Athens is.. urban. Urban the likes of Los Angeles.. urban. You’ll have to venture deep to find the history you came for. But when you… Read more…

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