Meeting My Bone Marrow Match

Last year I discovered the identity of my bone marrow recipient and she is alive and well! I always wondered when would be the right opportunity to finally meet in person. I’d often and casually ask Q if she’d be up for a trip to D.C. hoping I can arrange a meet and greet while we’re there, but then thought it would be weird for us to reach out to meet. Luckily a few months later, Be the Match and Children’s National contacted us asking if we’d be available to fly out to Washington D.C. to meet Carly and her family!

An awesome human being Jeff from Marrow Mates, put together this awesome video that encapsulates the entire story between me and Carly.  Be careful when watching this, it may be a tear jerker.

Watch it on Youtube

Never did I think I would make the news, let alone for something like this.

I’m so grateful for this experience and I feel that this is one of the most important things one can do.

I said this in my last post, and I’ll say it again. If you’ve ever doubt you could make a difference, that you could change a life, I urge you to please register to Be the Match. There are countless people out there fighting cancer and waiting for a bone marrow match. If you are of Asian descent or another minority, you are needed even more as these ethnicities are hugely underrepresented in the registry.



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