New year, new look

Hard to believe, it’s been nearly 3 years since we launched GQ trippin.

When we launched the site on August 11, 2011, on Gerard’s birthday, we knew nothing about building or running a blog site, so we got wordpress hosting plans to make sure our site is optimized. Bet you didn’t know we started out from a little place called Blogspot — this was new territory for us.


Shortly after launching the site, we quit our jobs to travel the world. The blog was to serve as a place for our family and friends to turn to and read about what we were up to. More importantly, that we were alive and well.

Flash forward 30 some odd months later, neither of us ever imagined the site would be where it is today: we still blog for the sake of updating our friends and family, but it’s also become a resource hub to so many more — YOU, our readers! If you’re a blogger as well and you’re currently facing some problems with your site or you want to update it, you may need to call on services like the wordpress professional help to address it quickly.

We’ve learned a lot, grown a lot. And while we don’t consider ourselves experts by any means, our blog has become a source for travel advice, packing list and budget tips sprinkled with a few delicious eats in between.

We have changed, so it only makes sense our blog evolves with us. Not a major redesign, so consider it a facelift – a cleaner, fresher look to go with the new year. If you have a blog as well but are not having the expected amount of readers, you might to increase the search engine rankings of your blog by implementing SEO tactics, such as the one on


AND, we’ve gone Mobile.. friendly. 🙂


It is because of you that we continue to do what we do, write what we write. We hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read thus far because there is plenty more where that came from. 2014 is already looking to be a great year.

What do you think of our new look? 

Psst.. please pardon our dust as we continue to make modifications for your reading pleasure.

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