A Walk Through Hobbiton, in Photos

Yes, we were there! And we’ve got the photos to prove it.

We wrote about this briefly when we visited New Zealand back in January. But movie studio circumstances did not allow us to show pictures of our visit to Hobbiton and The Shire.. until now.


With The Hobbit set to be release this week, we hope this will get you amped up for the movie premiere. We know we are just reminiscing about our time there.


At first sight of Hobbiton, you literally are rendered speechless. The site is so surreal it’s as if you’ve been transported into the movie.


This is the tree & lake where the dragon fireworks shot off in the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring.


Below is the pub from the shire in the distance. This was the closest we were allowed to get.


Fair warning: There is a café on the premise before you enter Hobbiton, but it’s nothing like the pub in the movie, though I’m sure most tourists were hoping it would be. It’s just a small, mediocre cafe where you can grab a cookie or coffee before the tour. They do serve food until 3pm, so we suggest you get there earlier if possible cause we were starving and it’s a far drive from anything.


And now to my favorite part, hobbit holes! These came with a waterfront lake views. Real estate must’ve been higher here.


These are perched on a hill. The holes are built into the natural landscape of the surrounding area.

And up the hill below the tree is Bilbo’s house!



I stepped in mud.

Meticulous details such as the right type of trees, planters and props is thanks to Peter Jackson and him staying true to the book. Even the leaves of the “tree” were imported and glued to the tree one by one.

DSC_0326 IMG_2842


I love how colorful the holes are: blue door, red door. Small picket fences, tiny ladders and miniature plants and trees.



Our last stop is the Sam’s house and Q’s favorite scene in the movie when Sam returns home to his yellow door hole in the shire, greeted by his on-set wife and real-life daughter!

hobbiton-set-tourDSC_0322 IMG_2823

Eeek!!.. Who’s excited for The Hobbit?

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  • http://mslistologist.com Annette | Bucket List Journey

    Love those Hobbit holes! And the massive amount of greenness that surrounds them :)

  • Pauline

    This made me SO! MUCH! MORE! EXCITED! about The Hobbit!! AAAAAAHHH!

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      So are we… Only a few more days!

  • Heather

    Seeing the film this Friday :-) Looking forward to it!

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      Should be a good one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andiperullo Andi Perullo de Ledesma

    Haha what a fun place to explore!

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      How can hobbit holes not sound fun?

  • http://twitter.com/TheWrldWanderer The World Wanderer

    Okay, I have to admit, even though I’ve been on the LOTR tour in NZ, and my favorite quote is from the books, I still have only seen the first two hours of the first movie. Pathetic, I KNOW! I was trying to get through them before The Hobbit – which happens to come out on my birthday – BUT, let’s just say, life got in the way. I’m disappointed in myself, especially after seeing this. I also need to make my way back to NZ to visit Hobbiton – this is AWESOME!

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      The movies are a bit long.. But they’re all so good! If you don’t fall asleep. =P

  • CaptainandClark

    GAH! So jealous it’s not even funny. We’re HUGE LOTR fans. You better believe we’ll visit Hobbiton whenever we get to NZ.

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      Sooo many LOTR attractions in NZ you’ll go NutZ!

  • http://twitter.com/jettingaround Jetting Around

    OK I fell asleep during two LOTR movies!! Not a fan, as you can tell… But I have to admit though that your photos look lovely. Way nicer than the movie.

    • dewtraveller

      Same here! But the pics are incredible. Maybe I should try watching it again!

      • http://www.GQtrippin.com/ Kieu – GQ trippin

        You guys fell asleep?! It took me a second try too. Lol.

  • http://twitter.com/WorkMomTravels Francesca

    Ahhhh!! I can’t wait for The Hobbit! I have a friend who just returned from New Zealand and also visited Hobbiton. I’ve been devouring his photos, and now yours… so, so pretty!

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com/ Kieu – GQ trippin

      Ooh.. did he get to go into ‘The Hobbit’ area? The build additional parts for the new movie but when we went in January, we were only allowed to see from afar. Wonder if they let people in that area now.

  • http://twitter.com/ilivetotravel Raul

    What a neat visit! You guys look like you almost belong there :)

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com/ Kieu – GQ trippin

      Are you calling us hobbits?! :P

  • http://www.dangerous-business.com/ Amanda Williams

    Love!! I need to go back to NZ, just so I can re-visit the Hobbiton set now that it’s all rebuilt!

  • Anne Karen

    Lovely pictures! I was there with my best friend in 2010 before they started fixing it up for the hobbit, there were only holes in the ground then, with white panels in front. But we got to go inside “Bag End” and took my favourite picture from the trip: The two of us sitting on the steps up to Bildo’s door. We also got to dance on the party field and got right close up to the party tree. I loved the “non-museum”-feel to the place, but I am a bit sceptical to go back. I would love to see the firxed up place, but if everything is roped off I fear it might feel like a museum now :-(

    Which brings me to my question (I know, I babble on…) You seem to be allowed to even touch some of the hobbit holes and doors in your picures, was a lot of it roped off? Did you get that “I’m a visitor in a museum, be careful where you touch!”-feeling at all?

    And finally: Great blog, a wonderful place to inspire my next trip to NZ :-)