11 Reasons to Fall in Love with Prague

Love at first sight and the perfect fairy-tale ending. We’re in Prague!

It’s been a while since a city has rendered me speechless at first sight. It’s just so dang cute! There’s a reason why many before me are captivated by Prague and it’s charm and beauty – it’s like straight out of a Disney movie. From cobblestones to castle, goulash to pivo, you’ll quickly realize Prague is the perfect European city.

Here are 11 reasons to fall in love with Prague:

1. View from above - we did not climb the thousand spires of Prague though any spire you climb is bound to have a breathtaking view of the city. Instead, we came here, to the U Prince Hotel, for a beer on the rooftop and arguably the best view in town, my favorite view, Old Town Square.


2. Five-story clubs – I’m so glad we signed up for a pub crawl otherwise we would have never discovered Karlovy Lazne, a five- floor club with each floor dedicated to a certain genre or style. There’s something for everybody.

3. The walks – on cobblestones streets..


4. U Parlamentu - for cheap, delicious traditional Czech food and still within Old Town. I love the vibe here, it’s all locals, all the time.


5. Beer - is cheaper than water, it’s true. And you can bet we drank more beer in Prague alone than our entire trip combined.

6. Goulash and dumplings – what’s not to love? Tender beef, savory sauce – it reminds me of Vietnamese bo kho (beef stew).


7. Vltava river - next to Old Town Square, the view by the river, of Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge is my second favorite. And.. it has real swans!



8. Orange tile roofs, window trimmings and architecture – pastel buildings, brick orange tiled roofs and windows with embellished white trimmings, it’s all too cute. Like gingerbread houses everywhere you turn.



9. Giant babies - are weird along with everything else about this quirky city which makes it so fun to explore on foot.


10. St. Vitus Cathedral & Prague Castle - we’ve seen our fair share of European cathedrals and castles. This is easily one of the prettiest.

IMG_3291 IMG_3304
11. Romance on the Charles Bridge - when in Prague… get engaged – we did!



What about you? What do you love most about Prague?


Our trip to Eastern Europe was made possible by the awesome folks at Eurail.com. Truly the best way to travel throughout Europe – if not for the scenic views alone.

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  • http://twitter.com/jettingaround Jetting Around

    Prague truly is a beautiful place and I was lucky enough to grow up in southern Poland, an easy trip to Prague. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what I like most, perhaps the overall beauty of the Old Town. It certainly shows in your pictures. Now if you like Prague, you’d like Krakow too, I’m tellin’ ya… :)

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com/ Kieu – GQ trippin

      Lucky you! We had plans for Krakow, but was afraid it might have been too cold for these Californians in winter. Lol, next time for sure!

  • www.travelwithkevinandruth.com

    We were unimpressed with Prague. It’s far too touristy for us, with prices that don’t reflect the rest of Czech Republic. Much more enjoyed the smaller cities, especially Olomouc.

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com/ Kieu – GQ trippin

      Oh that’s right, I think you mentioned Olomouc before. I would love to go back and explore the Moravia region.

  • Fiona

    Heading to Prague for New Year’s – perfect timing with this post guys, I’ve made a note of your recommendations! :)

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com/ Kieu – GQ trippin

      Aww NYE in Prague – sounds spectacular!

  • Maria Falvey

    I had a blast in Prague – some of the best things were the coffee houses and the dumplings. For inatimate items I loved the huge metronome, the whale suspended from the ceiling at the natural history museum, the castle catacombs and the relic (mummified forearm) suspended from a hook in the Church of St. James

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com/ Kieu – GQ trippin

      Ahh man, I didn’t do half the things you did. All the more reason to return soon, right? I’m interested to see the castle catacombs..

  • http://twitter.com/L_e_a_h Leah Travels

    Thanks for reminding me about the big babies! That’s sooooo weird. Did you see them crawling along the side of that tall building?

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com/ Kieu – GQ trippin

      OMG YES!.. creepy. Our second apartment had a view of that ugly tower with the babies. Lol

  • IamVagabond

    Been to Europe many times but never to Prague.. Seems like I am missing a lot!


    • http://www.GQtrippin.com/ Kieu – GQ trippin

      You are! Lol, I’m sure you’ll make your way there sooner or later. :)

  • http://www.travelrinserepeat.com/ John

    Prague is amazing. I remember those swans, though if I recall they were pretty mean! Looks like you got close enough for a good picture.

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com/ Kieu – GQ trippin

      I think we got lucky. Some tourists were feeding them so we managed to sneak in for a photo before they pecked us.

  • http://travelingted.com/ Traveling Ted

    Congratulations again. I visited Prague in 2003. Thanks for reminding me why I love this city so much.

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com/ Kieu – GQ trippin

      But of course.. time for another visit? ;)

  • http://www.thetravolution.com/ Cristina

    I am absolutely in love with Prague and so happy you both chose this city to start your next chapter. there is something about Prague that makes it so magical and fairytale-like. My next trip to Prague will involve a traditional Czech Folk Night with the locals and rock climbing over the falls!

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com/ Kieu – GQ trippin

      oOoo Czech folk night?! That sounds cool. Where do you go rock climbing over the falls? Clearly I need to go back..

      • http://www.thetravolution.com/ Cristina

        Divoká Šárka!

  • http://twitter.com/Kootvela Ele Pranaityte

    Great photos! I will need to keep in mind the location of that place you took the first photo if I ever get to go to Prague again. I am a fan of all panorama spots, ever.

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com/ Kieu – GQ trippin

      U Prince hotel! That have a chic underground bar too with award winning drinks!

  • http://twitter.com/TheWrldWanderer The World Wanderer

    Why have I still not been here? With each post I read, the more I want to visit!

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com/ Kieu – GQ trippin

      I have no idea.. get there asap, woman! :P

  • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

    Beer. that along can be all 11 reasons to visit the Prague.
    stay adventurous, Craig

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com/ Kieu – GQ trippin

      I totally agree.

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