Video: Our Honeymoon in Africa

Here’s our month traveling through Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania recapped in this little video.

Some highlights include: Witnessing the Great Migration, spotting the big 5 in the Serengeti, gorilla trekking in Uganda, visiting Orphanages, Masai Mara tribe and relaxing in Zanzibar. There’s much more we wish we could share, maybe a GoPro would’ve came in handy. Oh well, we were on vacation… so maybe just enjoying the trip in the moment was just the thing we needed.

Hope you enjoy!

GQ trippin

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  • craig zabransky

    Great stuff… and definitely love how it all concluded with a romantic sunset… nice 😉 StayTripping, Craig

    • GQ


  • Amanda Williams

    Love it! It sure looks like you had some adventures!!

    • GQ

      It was an adventure and a half. =)

  • Traveling Ted

    Wow, what an incredible video. I have not seen anything that awesome since your RTW recap.

  • Francesca

    Awww, I love it! Kinda brought a tear to my eye as I remembered my own time in East Africa.

  • Lazy Travelers

    you two are just the cutest. any interest in following us around on future trips and then making us vids like this?? …no??