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Ryokan Tanabe Room

Our Ryokan Experience at Tanabe

A humble slice of Edo life at Ryokan Tanabe in Takayama, Japan. When you’re long term traveling, sure, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. But then again, you travel for experiences – to meet new people, to get cultured – and sometimes, those experiences are worth a little splurge. That’s what built-in cushion… Read more…

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Hoba Miso  Takayama

Takayama Cuisine: mMm.. Miso Hungry!

Warning: Side effects for reading this can include mild to severe cravings. It’s been awhile since we’ve had unbelievably good food. Food that makes you roll your eyes, lick your lips and rub your belly mMm mmm good. I seriously haven’t felt this way about food since our trip to Cinque Terre in 2009. One of… Read more…

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Shirakawa-go & Japan’s 2nd Longest Toenail

“And very soon, you will see the second longest toenail in Japan,” our guide Yamamoto said with glee on our bus ride from Takayama. Gerard looked at me with one brow raised. “That’s weird. I think he said toenail.” I shrugged my shoulders back. We didn’t realized our tour came with a Guinness World Record… Read more…

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