The Best Thing I Ever Ate – Breakfast

The time when the every day breakfast became the best!

I’ve had decked out eggs Benedict, delectable omelettes and over the top scrambles and they remain some of my breakfast favorites from time to time. But, the best eggs I’ve ever had, the best, most memorable breakfast, happens to be the simplest with humble origins.

I know what you’re thinking — it’s eggs. But it’s not.. just eggs.

It’s sunny side eggs, serve with pate topped with mayo, medium- well steaks and fresh tomato slices. Still not convincing enough? It’s the oil drenched soy sauce they cook it in. And the fact that their all cook in the same pan. Every bite is slightly salty, somewhat vinegary with a hint of onion and other subtle notes I can’t quite explain. But it all works and it all works together so perfectly.

Best of all, it’s less than $2!

Now that’s what I call — Breakfast of champions.

You can find places like this that serve Banh Mi Op La in every corner all over town. Most will serve this for breakfast and com dia (rice plates) for the rest of the day so don’t be deterred if you see the word “Com Dia” on the restaurant.

This particular Op La dish, above, is not from the restaurant pictured below. But since I can’t remember the name of the restaurant (they’re all the same to me) this will have to do. Although we did try Op La here and it was good, too.



But the plate from the no- name restaurant was spectacularly great! At the corner of Nga Tu Bay Hien, conveniently located next door to my Aunt’s Fujifilm shop, it was our breakfast of choice everyday! Washed down with a tra da* and there you have it — The Best Thing I Ever Ate — Breakfast.

*Tra Da – Ice Tea. Not recommended for most. The hot tea is fine, but it’s the ice you should be careful about.

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