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The world’s dollar menu

More than just a McChicken – cheap delicious eats from across the globe! OK, so maybe not cheap as it use to be. The dollar menu is becoming harder to come by these days especially here in the States. I can’t even get a 5-piece nuggets at Wendy’s for under a buck anymore. That’ just… Read more…

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The unglamorous side of traveling

Most days are good. And then there are these days that suck! As much as we love to travel, it isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Don’t get me wrong, most days life on the road was great. And then there are those days when shit happens. Oh, the things you wished we’d share, like finding… Read more…

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30 years: 30 travel experiences

Yes. I turned 30, I kissed farewell to my 20’s and am entering a new decade of my life. While I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface of seeing all the crazy things Earth has to offer…  It’s good to look back and reflect on some of my most memorable moments around the globe. And… Read more…

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Update On Us & Future Plans

If you are confused of our whereabouts lately, I don’t blame you – we’ve been updating our status from all over the place: Facebook is wrapping up our time in Thailand. Twitter is asking questions about Toronto. Instagram has photo updates from our weekend in San Francisco. Linkedin says we’re now employed by a new… Read more…

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An Unexpected Career Path

Hope. Defeat. A break-through. Highs and lows. An unexpected twist. And fate. That pretty much sums the last 5-months for me. To say I’ve been through a process is an understatement. I’ve been through hell.. job hunting hell. Upon returning home from a year of travel, I knew I had two options: I was hoping… Read more…

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On Being Home

Q’s perspective of what it’s been like and life after long-term travel. Since Gerard’s career announcement post, some of you have been asking how things have been going for me so I thought I’d take this time to catch you all up. Reverse culture shock? No, not really. Unlike Gerard, I adjusted back into the… Read more…

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My Career Break Ends Today

I went from corporate world to unemployed to career breaker to this. I really can’t sugar coat that title, it pretty much says it all. But before I make my big announcement, I’d like to share what it has been like for me since coming home from a year of travel. Reverse culture shock? Definitely…. Read more…

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Around the World in Mickey D’s

Beyond the Big Macs and fries – McDonald’s and its secret menu! We rarely venture the fast food route when at home, but there’s something about McDonald’s abroad – in China, Peru or Germany – that is comforting. While we always aim to eat local, sometimes it’s nice to have a little piece of America,… Read more…

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