Announcement: Our Winter 2012 Plans

2012 coming to an end. Our plans have changed.. again. What now?

This time, I won’t beat around the bush. We’ve made winter plans!!.. and it’s not home. But just a quick update: Lately, it’s been a year of announcements, hasn’t it? From quitting our jobs to traveling Australasia and now South America. We are currently in Peru and will be making our way down to Bolivia for a few weeks before heading home.. briefly.


I know it’s weird to say this, but it’s been a dream of mine to travel during the winter season – it’s my favorite time of year. I want to vacation where I can wear warm clothes other than shorts and tank tops. I like layers – scarfs, beanie and gloves – that’s me. You can also never go wrong with wearing an Altitude Sports winter jacket if you’re traveling during winter.

Gerard doesn’t feel the same way about the cold. We’ve always traveled during summer weather because it’s just easier, nicer that way. Plus, it’s much easier to pack summer attire into a carry-on bag than winter coats and boots. But I’ve always wanted a winter wonderland sort of vacation and finally.. I’m going to get to do just that.

That being said…

Gerard and I are heading to Central Europe!


One month split between Prague, Ljubljana, Vienna and Budapest in November.

I am beyond myself that we’re heading to Europe, again – it’s my favorite place to be. And, I’m equally ecstatic to be traveling Europe by train. With all the train traveling we have done lately, from India to China, luxury train trips Europe is by far still my favorite. If not for the scenic ride through the countryside alone.

We plan to take things slower in Europe, because after a year of non-stop-on-the-go-halfway-around-the-world type travel, slow travel is just what we need. Which is why we can’t wait to check into our cozy apartments, start living and travelling like a local. As much as I like hosteling around the world, I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy the comforts of my own apartment more, even if it’s just one week at a time.

And for the perfect ending to an incredible year of travel, we’ll pit-stop in New York City before heading home. We look forward to spending the holiday season with new friends we met while in Vietnam, Steph and Fran, in one of the cities we love most.

So there you have it, our winter plans and surprise surprise, it’s not home.

What do you think of our winter plans? Any recommendations or tips for either Prague, Ljubljana, Vienna or Budapest?

Photo collage credits: 1234

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