Around the World in Mickey D’s

Beyond the Big Macs and fries – McDonald’s and its secret menu!

We rarely venture the fast food route when at home, but there’s something about McDonald’s abroad – in China, Peru or Germany – that is comforting. While we always aim to eat local, sometimes it’s nice to have a little piece of America, a little piece of home. And let me tell you, when you’re away from home for such an extended period of time, just spotting the familiar golden arches from across the way can bring a smile to your face.

Our McDonald’s run stems from our curiosity to try different items on the menu that you wouldn’t see otherwise in the United States. It’s what I like to call, the international secret menu!

In India, we tried the Veg Pizza McPuff and Hot & Kickin’ Chicken McSpicy! India’s menu also include the Chicken Maharaja-Mac, McCurry Pan and Paneer Salsa Wrap.


In China, we broke our pact – our one McDonald’s rule per country – and had nuggets and cheeseburgers four times during our short 12-days stint because it was hard for us to find good food. It really was. We even had KFC where they served porridge!


In Turkey, we tried KofteBurger..


They also have McTurco Kebab for those craving kebabs, and then there are these on the menu for the extra hungry – a Mega Mac and Double McChicken!


In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, you don’t have to wear shirts, or pants for that matter, to get service at McDonald’s! We had some great street food in Rio, but I couldn’t help himself with the Cheddar McMelt.


In Rome, McDonald’s was the only place we could find an all-you-can-eat salad bar. And these – Pepita Cheese!


In Vienna, Austria, you can order McNoodles! I think this is due to the large Asian, more specifically, Indian population living in Vienna. They also have something called the Majestatischer Genuss. And I find it hilarious I have to travel to Europe to indulge in a California Chicken.


IMG_3581  IMG_3587

In Slovenia, I had the McCountry which I am convinced is made from horse meat. I’ve never tasted meat like that before. Also on the menu, Bigger Big Mac because a regular Big Mac just won’t cut it apparently, and Krompircki and the fancy Shrimp Burger.


In Thailand, Ronald McDonald will greet you at the door. No need to feel guilty on your McDonald’s visit here – you can still order a chicken and rice plate for about $2!


In Peru, you can have all the classics, some fried chicken and a McNifica!


In South Korea, a bulgogi burger!

McBulgogi Burger

In Spain, I was happy to see the Chicken McNuggets still taste the same. :)


Not too shabby, aye? We did not have any ‘Maccas’ while in New Zealand and Australia. Nor in Japan although I hear their menu is the wildest of them all from Tamago Double Mac to Ebi Filet-o and Teriyaki Mac Burger.

We barely cracked the surface though. According to this, we’ve got a long way to go to on the international circuit. Of the items listed, we’re dying to try Brie Nuggets from Russia, Canada’s McLobster Roll, Cheese Puff Rolls in South America, Asia’s shake shake fries and a McBeer for the sake of drinking beer at a McDonald’s. So there you have it, fast food gone global. This is McDonald’s secret menu you never knew about. Now all you have to do is book a plane ticket somewhere outside the US to try one.

What’s the strangest McDonald’s menu item you’ve tried from around the world?


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  • Melissa

    Oh now I feel lame for only sticking to Quarter Pounders with cheese when I was in South Korea and Japan. All four incidents were stress-eating situations and I just wanted something familiar (lost luggage, hangover, couldn’t read Japanese or find a restaurant with pictures menus). I heard that Japan came out with the pumpkin burger not long after I was there. You’ve piqued my interest in the bulgogi burger. I’ll have to try it out next week when I land back in Seoul.

    • Kieu – GQ trippin

      I hear you – I stuck to McNuggets during most visits. Like you, I wanted something familiar and didn’t want to risk it. You’ve piqued my interest with the pumpkin burger.. lol

  • Hang Schuemmer

    ‘Majestaetischer Genuss’ (royal pleasure) is just the description for that burger, the name is ‘Hamburger Royal TS’. ‘TS’ stands for tomatoe and salad. Basically it’s the Quarter Pounder, but due to the metric system it’s named differently.

    • Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      How funny. We never thought of how a quarter pounder would sound in a country that doesn’t use the same weight system! I guess the 1/8 kilo doesn’t sound that catchy.

      • Olivia

        I’m 22 and it was only recently when visiting somewhere with a Half Pounder that I realised that’s where the name came from. In Australia we just call that a Double Quarter Pounder and we use metric, so I never made the connection.

  • Antoinette B.

    So far, I really enjoyed MickeyD’s in France and in Hong Kong. I just had a Mc”Pollo” sandwich here in Lima yesterday and by far one of the best mcchicken sandwiches I’ve ever had!

    • Kieu – GQ trippin

      A better McChicken outside the States?!! Ah man, we were just in Lima too and I didn’t try it.

  • CeCe

    I think the Bigger Big Mac is what a Big Mac was in the 80′s to 90′s (I swear they shrunk!).

    How was the bulgogi burger? Sounds delish!

    • Kieu – GQ trippin

      Hahaha. I’m not usually a Big Mac girl so they still look big to me, but I’ll take your word for it. :P

  • Brian

    I had McDonalds delivered to my flat in indonesia

    • Kieu – GQ trippin

      Oh fancy. I’ve seen McDonald’s delivery in India – it’s like a spacesuit! Hehe

      • Hang Schuemmer

        They also deliver in NYC…

  • Anglo Italian

    You really tried a lot of different McDonalds Meals around the world, I’d be interested to taste the McTurco Kebab one day. We didn’t go to McDonalds as much as you guys, at least so far, but we did see the different kind of McFlurry that we usually get in Italy or UK, the one we loved the most was the Oreo one, yum yum! Have you ever tried it?

    • Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      Yup. The Oreo McFlurry has been around for quite some time in the states! Probably the best one agreed.

  • Tony K + Steph H

    We have had McDonald’s in almost every country we have visited as well, though generally just once per country like the rule you instituted. I completely agree that it’s really fun to pop in and see what weird offerings they have (though since we never ate there in the States, who knows what’s different or not!). So far, I would say that the McD’s in Japan has probably been the most exotic one we have seen, however, there were only 1 or 2 items on offer that we had not seen anywhere else, and none of the ones you mention. In the Philippines you can get spaghetti, fried chicken, and rice at McDonald’s!

    Also, I had a McCountry in Prague way back in 2005! I think it’s supposed to be a pork patty?

    • Kieu – GQ trippin

      Ah I was bummed when we forgot about Japan but I guess that’s a good thing. The cuisine there is so amazing we didn’t want to eat Mickey Ds!

  • Maria Falvey

    Great niche you found – Golden Arches, around the globe. :-)

  • Char

    I can highly recommend the shake fries… they are truly amazing… though they only offer them during promotions, so ill let you know when they have it again in Singapore and you can come by to try them :)

    • Kieu – GQ trippin

      Is it just their regular fries and a special seasoning powder?? I wonder if I can recreated here in the States. LOL

  • The Blond travels

    In Poland we have McSausage and in Thailand they serve sweet and sour pork – very wierd.

  • JulikaSarah

    I love this! I always tell people that McDonald’s is different in every country so if you truly want to understand a county, you just have to eat this seemingly globalized fast food every once in a while :)
    In Germany, McDonald’s just recently introduced McCurrywurst — I guess this says Germany is really all about sausages :)

    • Kieu – GQ trippin

      Oh the German menu is the best! LOL.. McBeer.

  • Toni

    I don’t care what anyone says – McDs around the world just has to be done :) Saved my life when I had problems with Japanese food haha

    • Kieu – GQ trippin

      Amen! Us to when in China. LOL

  • Time Travel Plans

    There’s a show on the Travel Channel about fast food around the world. I think it’s called “Global Fast Food” or something like that. I think it’s fascinating how fast food chains change their menus to accommodate local tastes.

    • Kieu – GQ trippin

      I saw that show! So awesome.. haha

  •!/30HomeGames 30HomeGames

    I also like trying each of the local burger chains for each Country. I would later find that my perception of the chain was usually skewed by where I first experienced it. For instance when I first tried ‘Hesburger’ in Lithuania I assumed it was native to the country. Only after finding it in other Countries did I realise it was a regional chain. Turns out its from Finland, a place I never visited.

  • Helen

    I remember trying a ‘shogun’ for breakky at the McD’s in China. it was a hamburger w/egg on top – which is now the ‘in’ thing for burgers in N. America? But this was served ONLY during breakfast hours. Another fun thing was the ‘pineapple pie’ vs traditional apple and it was deep fried like the apple pies used to be.

    Loved hearing the variations around the world – thank you for sharing :)

  • Edna

    “In China it was hard for us to find good food.” Dude, you guys just broke my heart. (or to quote UnbraveGirl, what China were you in?!)

    Also, two words for you: Shamrock Shakes.

    • Kieu – GQ trippin

      The touristic China.. lol. But it was true, outside of your beloved Shanghai (obsessed with XLBs), we were busted left and right with mysterious, not-so-good food. Sorry love.. better luck next time I guess. :P

  • Ayngelina

    I never eat McDonalds in Canada but I have to admit I love seeing what they make in other countries.

    On the East Coast of Canada we have the McLobster, personally I’d never eat lobster from McDonalds but people go crazy for it.

    • Kieu – GQ trippin

      We’re heading to TBEX soon. Do you think I’ll be able to get my hands on a McLobster in Toronto? LOL

  • James M

    I write a blog where all I do is try and review McDonald’s during my travels. About 45 countries and counting.

    • Kieu – GQ trippin

      That’s so awesome! I’m dying to get my hands on some shake fries.

  • James M

    I write a blog where I sample and review McDonald’s items from around the world.

  • Katie Armstrong

    During my study abroad in Austria, I would go to McDonald’s just to order a huge Diet Coke with ice – a luxury not available in most of the other restaurants where the beverages were small and warm. At first I felt like I was selling out by going to a McDonald’s, but it was so worth it. :)

    • Kieu – GQ trippin

      Haha.. me too, I was embarrass to admit we were eating at McDonalds on our travels but turns out, they were some of the most memorable of meals. :)