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The world’s dollar menu

More than just a McChicken – cheap delicious eats from across the globe! OK, so maybe not cheap as it use to be. The dollar menu is becoming harder to come by these days especially here in the States. I can’t even get a 5-piece nuggets at Wendy’s for under a buck anymore. That’ just… Read more…

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Favorite hawker food eats in Singapore

We came to Singapore for one main reason – to eat hawker! After the amount of money we were spending on food in New Zealand and Australia, we were beyond thrilled to be heading to Singapore, literally our gateway country to our Asia jaunt. They say Singapore is expensive but we found it to be… Read more…

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4 Cheap Asian Eats in Sydney

You don’t have to look hard to find cheap food in Sydney! Sydney is notorious for being an expensive city. There is no shortage of fancy restaurants that are sure to burn a hole straight through your wallet. For backpackers, it can be a foodie bust and a complete nightmare. But at least Sydney is… Read more…

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