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NCL: We’re Cruisin’ Now!

We’re on board the Norwegian Jade for a 12- day Mediterranean Cruise! After a week of traveling on our own from Milan to the Italian Riviera and Athens, we were more than ready to settle into our balcony suite for the next 12- days without the worry of having to pack up and lug around our… Read more…

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O Thanasis

Souvlaki at O Thanasis

We came to Athens with the intentions to do two things — see the Parthenon and eat Souvlaki.  Is it terrible for me to say we were looking forward to the Souvlaki more so than the Parthenon?! When it comes to food, we’re a cross between must- eat- highly- reviewed restaurants and seeking out the… Read more…

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Souvenir: Melissinos Sandal Maker in Athens

Looking for a piece of Athens to bring home with you? Look no further. I’ve read about Melissinos in virtually every travel book, blog and article there is out there. It’s as much a right of passage when visiting Athens as it is having souvlakis at O Thanasis or seeing the Parthenon itself. But you’ll… Read more…

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Athens: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Athens is not what we expect it to be. Not by a long shot. Our first impression — a eyebrow twist of shock followed by a “What the f*ck happened here?” Athens is.. urban. Urban the likes of Los Angeles.. urban. You’ll have to venture deep to find the history you came for. But when you… Read more…

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Dear Pisa: Thank You For Wasting Our Time

Dear Pisa, What is your purpose in life? If it is to lure innocent tourists to see your miniature tower — slightly off kilter — deprive them of good food, a momentum for keep sake and god- forbid a photo opt.. then, congratulations! You have succeeded. p.s. We will NOT be back. Sincerely, GQ Trippin… Read more…

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Trattoria Bar il Porticciolo

The Best Thing I Ever Ate – Pasta

I had no idea what was in store for me when we arrived in Cinque Terre. If you think the Italian Riviera is just another part of Italy, you’re in for a big surprise.. food- wise. Turns out, I have a favorite food — Ligurian! Trattoria Bar il Porticciolo | Manarola, Cinque Terre 2009 We… Read more…

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London Bridge

At-A-Glance: London

We’re back in London! Thank goodness we got most of the touristy site seeing out of the way 3 weeks prior, this time we can at least slow things down a bit. So here it is, our London at-a-glance! See. Changing of the Guards. The guard change at Buckingham Palace starts promptly at 11:30am. However,… Read more…

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Fat Tire Bike Tour | Barcelona, Spain

A Fat Tire in Barcelona

The most fun you can have on two wheels in Barcelona, Spain! If you’re ever short on time and want a short, cost efficient, not to mention fun way to see Barcelona, this is it! Good thing I picked up a Fat Tire brochure after our day trippin’ in Fussen. By now, we’ve seen the Fat… Read more…

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