G’s Birthday in NYC

birthday from the Big Apple

We’re here in NYC for the first time with friends. And we have one week to do all things New York. Escentially, be a tourist.

So what’s a tourist to do? We could..

  • hop a ferry. to the Statue of Liberty
  • bike. Central Park
  • watch. RENT on broadway
  • shop. SoHo
  • eat. Gray’s Papaya. 3 words– Fools Rush In. Selma and Chandler? Pack and ship me a dozen please! And don’t forget the papaya shake.
  • get in line. Serendipity. Our frozen hot chocolate was more like a slushy– melted and runny. And what’s with the line before the place even opens? Ridiculous.

Check all of that off my list! We did it all. And then there was lunch at Katz Deli. And the time P excused himself from dinner to go rent a limo for us to cruise NYC at night in style.

I’d say not to shabby for a first time trip to the Big Apple. Cannot wait to come back for more. Christmas maybe?


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