Craving Italian in Prague? Eat here.

Czech food taste a lot like Italian. Maybe because it’s really Italian.

We love Czech food, but I hope the Czech’s don’t get offended when I say Italian food is their national cuisine. There’s something about the Czechs and Italian food – they do it so well, and it’s some of the best we’ve had, ever. Here are some of our Italian faves from Prague:

Pillow-y gnocchi from Corso Cafe.

Itty-bitty, fluffy pillows of gnocchi that simply melts in your mouth. These were tossed in a light gorgonzola with chicken and spinach topped with crunchy walnuts.

Corso Cafe Gnocchi

Tagliatelle and walnuts at Ambiente.

I mean this when I say, this is my all time favorite Italian dish! Tagliatelle is my new favorite pasta. And tagliatelle tossed with sauteed mushrooms and candied walnuts.. forget about it. I didn’t even want to share this with Gerard, it was that good.

Prague Pasta

Prosciutto pizza at K Motra.

You can’t go wrong with prosciutto on pizza. At K Motra, it’s all in the crust. The great value and setting in an underground cellar makes it an easy pick.

K Motra Pizza

Spaghetti with fresh tomatoes from Oliva.

Anytime you can have Italian and walk away feeling great, not the usual heavy- bloated feel, it’s a winner. This is Gerard’s favorite dish from our Italian jaunt in Prague – spaghetti with chicken tossed with fresh tomatoes and veggies. It’s so refreshing to not have spaghetti drenched in meat sauce.


And those are just a handful of the delicious Italian foods we ate while in Prague.

Outside of Italy, where have you had great Italian food?


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