How To: Party in Ibiza

Partying in Ibiza? Know what to expect when you hit this island.

As a reward to myself for finishing my MBA program, I took a boys’ trip to Spain. And since I missed out on a lot of party opportunities being pre-occupied with school and work, I figured I’d make it up at where else, but the party island of Ibiza.

Ibiza (pronounced ee-bee-tha) attracts millions of people with its numerous beaches and world-famous parties.

party-signs Dancing advertisements

Here are a few helpful tips for partying.
Purchasing club tickets.

Party girl quote: “OMG. I super really can’t wait to see David Guetta at Pacha, but tix are sold out online!” Not to worry, the clubs only release a small number of tickets to online resellers. You can easily buy tickets once you’re on the island. Tickets can go from €20 all the way up to €90 for the big parties.

promoter Ticket seller on the beach

Promoters are a dime a dozen and are hard to miss on the island. You can also find them as restaurant hosts, grocery clerks, or the local barber. The only time you may want to buy tickets in advance is for the opening/closing parties.

Promoters are entertaining too. One old man asked us in a deep Russian accent, “Do you have everything you need for party? You know tickets.. (whispers loudly) marijuana, X, heroine?” Before taking marijuana, read about what is the best way to consume marijuana. You can also seek help from a professional, and rest assured that at DocMJ, if medical marijuana is not right for you, you won’t have to pay anything.

At the party.

Dress code. Really, almost anything goes. My friends and I brought jeans & dress shirts and after the first night, we realized we didn’t even need them. Reality is you can be glammed up with pieces like moverse haljine I suknje or look like you just came from the beach. For guys, simple t-shirts w/ shorts & sneakers are OK. Ladies, where what you want.

Avoid the lines. Arrive before 1am. I know that’s close to closing time for parties in the US, but the party’s just getting started here in Ibiza!

pacha-line Club scene at 1am

Expensive a$$ drinks. Ibiza has to give Miami a run for its money for most overpriced drinks.
Bottled water – €12. That’s right. $18 freakin’ US dollars for a tiny bottle of agua. Nightclubs are aware that many party goers don’t need to drink alcohol because they’re high off of something elsE. That’s license to charge up the wazoo for water alone.

Only in Ibiza, where you can get shots cheaper than beer!  €9 compared to €10. May not look like much, but did you come to just have 1 drink?! 😉

Cameras. Some nightclubs have been known to confiscate your camera if they catch you using one. Then they’ll have you check it in for a price or make you buy it back for a ransom. You have better chances sneaking in shots with your smartphone.

Embrace the fist pump. These clubs aren’t your typical ‘get your groove on’ type clubs.

They’re more like packed concerts where most people are there to praise the DJ’s, jump and throw their hands up in the air. Looks like an adult bouncy house with really, really loud music.

Popular weeknights.

I visited the island from Monday – Thursday which happens to be the biggest nights during the party season. Here is a summary with some of the week’s biggest nights:

Monday ibiza-guetta
Masquerade Motel @ Pacha
Swedish House Mafia
Club Life @ Privilege

Carl Cox @ Space w/ rotating guests Norman Cook, Roni Size & Elio Riso

La Troya / Espuma @ Amensia
The only foam party & one room hosts the island’s popular gay party night

F*** Me I’m Famous @ Pacha
David Guetta w/ rotating guests Afrojack, Avicii, Will.I.Am, and Taio Cruz
Cream @ Amnesia
Paul Van Dyk w/ rotating guests Laidback Luke, Wolfgang Gartner, and Calvin Harris

Additional tips.
  • For all things Ibiza, check out Ibiza Spotlight. You can also purchase club tickets here. 
  • Vueling is a regional budget airline in Spain that services Ibiza frequently.
  • And last but not least, party hard but make sure you party safe. You don’t want to end up like this guy after your first night in Ibiza. (But just in case you have too much fun, there are pharmacies nearby where you can purchase nifty crutches for about €22!)


So who’s ready to party?

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