Alinea: The Ultimate, Gastronomical Dining Splurge

#3 on our 30 before 30. A wallet busting, food lovers paradise resides here in Chicago — Alinea! Consistantly ranks as top 5 on The S. Pellegrino’s World’s Best Restaurant list, naturally it made our list of must haves particularly for self- indulgence. And from the moment we step through the futuristic sliding elevator doors,… Read more…

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Visiting Family in Vietnam

2011: Thankful Gerard got to meet his Grandma in this lifetime. RIP. We love the food, we adore our culture, but ultimately, this trip is significant because it’s G’s first time here. Ever. You could say it’s an important one, a pilgrimage so to speak. G’s never met his Ba Ngoai (Grandma on his mom’s… Read more…

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Food Trippin’ in Vietnam

One of the greatest pleasures of visiting Vietnam is knowing we’re going to be eating well. I’m not being bias when I say, Vietnamese food is one of the richest, most eclectic and vibrant cuisine of all Southeast Asia. With every revisited trip, I discover a new dish, and am instantly hooked over and over again…. Read more…

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The Best Thing I Ever Ate – Breakfast

The time when the every day breakfast became the best! I’ve had decked out eggs Benedict, delectable omelettes and over the top scrambles and they remain some of my breakfast favorites from time to time. But, the best eggs I’ve ever had, the best, most memorable breakfast, happens to be the simplest with humble origins…. Read more…

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The Great Exuma

Stranded on the Great Exuma

Back in July 2007, while in Boston, G found out he had won a prestigious award at work– The All Star Award– only handed to a select few in the entire company each year! The prize?! An all inclusive trip for two to the Bahamas! The trip included a week stay at the Four Seasons on… Read more…

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Harvard | Boston

At-A-Glance: Boston

You’ll be trippin’ too after visiting this historical town of baked beans! Sure we had a little run in with some less than friendly (rude) locals. But then we also came across some more than generous ones who offered us free canolis! All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Boston. I love it’s… Read more…

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Halal food cart | 53rd & 6th

Food Trippin’ in New York City

There’s no trippin’ like a food trippin’ experience in New York City! This is our 2nd time in NYC and we were so happy to be there during the holidays to celebrate my early birthday. It’s a good thing we got all the touristy stuff out of the way on our first visit to NYC…. Read more…

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