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30 years: 30 travel experiences

Yes. I turned 30, I kissed farewell to my 20’s and am entering a new decade of my life. While I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface of seeing all the crazy things Earth has to offer… ¬†It’s good to look back and reflect on some of my most memorable moments around the globe. And… Read more…

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I’m 30!!

And drinks are on us today… You, me, Gerard, all of us! 2012 was no doubt my year; it was all about me. I quit my job. I traveled the world. I lived it up. It was great. More than great, it was life-changing. Last year, I celebrated my 29th birthday by bungy jumping off… Read more…

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Our Shark Encounter in Hawaii

No one in their right mind would willingly swim in sharked-infested water. No one that is us at least. After all, as a birthday present to me, we went bungy jumping in New Zealand. So, to return the adrenaline-gifted favor, I figured we would go swimming with sharks in Hawaii for Gerard’s birthday! Fun, right?… Read more…

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About Us

Welcome to our blog! Find out who we are, hear our story and start trippin’. Who Are We? We are Gerard and Kieu. G for short, and Q because that’s exactly how you pronounce it. Together, we are the GQ in GQ trippin — hopefully you’ve already figured that part out. ūüėõ We recently got… Read more…

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Las Vegas

Happy Birthday, Q!

A weekend getaway for my birthday was just the ticket! Tickets to see “O” happen to be a bonus. We had a typical Vegas weekend– minus the clubs and the gambling. Lol. OK, say maybe not typical, but we can always party¬†later. This weekend is all about self indulgence. We packed in an entire week… Read more…

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New York

G’s Birthday in NYC

birthday from the Big Apple We’re here in NYC for the first time with friends. And we have one week to do all things New York. Escentially, be a tourist. So what’s a tourist to do? We could.. hop a ferry.¬†to the Statue of Liberty bike.¬†Central Park watch. RENT on broadway shop. SoHo eat.¬†Gray’s Papaya…. Read more…

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