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India: Travel Costs & Highlights

We spent 3 weeks in India. Find out how much we spent! India was our 5th stop on our round-the-world adventure back in March 2012 and a much needed break for our wallets after New Zealand and Australia. After much debate, we decided to omit Mumbai, Goa and Varanasi to spent exactly three weeks in… Read more…

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Camel Safari through the Thar Desert

Two days of desert, sand dunes, camels and sleeping underneath the stars. After our colorful Holi and wedding crashing ordeal in Jaisalmer, we were ready to take on two days in the Thar desert. Camel safari in the desert had always seem cool in movies so we thought we’d give it a go. Plus, I’ve… Read more…

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Udaipur or.. James Bond City!

“The Venice of the East..” and a great place to wind down. Udaipur is less abrasive than it’s neighboring big city Jodhpur. In fact, of all the cities we’ve visited in the Rajasthan region, Udaipur is a breath of fresh air – no heavy traffic minus a few tuk tuks here and there and.. no… Read more…

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We Crashed a Wedding in India!

We were sort of invited.. umm not really. But we went anyway. If you’ve been keeping up with our 30 before 30 bucket list, you know I’ve always wanted to take part in a traditional Indian wedding. What better way to do that than in India, right? Lucky for us, we were Couchsurfing in Jaisalmer… Read more…

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