15 Things We Love About Japan

You asked us where our favorite place of travel this year was..

And in our latest post where we answered your most ask questions, we replied Japan. Well, here are a handful of reasons why we fell head over heels for this wickedly awesome country:

1. Fancy toilets

Heated seats should be a standard for toilets. Only in Japan will you have the option to play tunes over the boring flushing sound while getting your behind wash and dry.

Starred Photos14

2. Taxis with automatic doors

It would be rude to open your own door. Just let the driver do it with a push of a button.

3. Manner stations

We can’t stand the stench of smoke, but LOVE that there are designated smoke areas or manner stations in public to keep the smokers all in one place.


4. Umbrella dryers

Our hotel in Tokyo had this umbrella machine where it spin dries your umbrella, because nobody should carry around a drippy umbrella in doors, right? 

5. Elvis & Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi park in Tokyo is an awesome place to go people watch on the weekend. You’ll see all kinds of people – even the King himself!

yoyogi-elvis  dancing-elvis-yoyogi

6. Meal ordering machines

Often enough, we ate out at restaurants where you’d order your meals at a ticketing machine before sitting down without ever speaking to a single waiter/ waitress. Then in no time, your food magically appears! No fuss with the menu, no waiting in line or for the bill. So awesome!

7. Matcha everything!

I am obsessed, obsessed I tell you, with matcha green tea. Matcha bread, matcha macaron, matcha Kit Kat, matcha donuts, matcha ice cream and matcha tea of course.


8. Sake in a jar

By far the cheapest thing you can buy for a guaranteed-fun time is sake in a jar at Lawson’s.

9. Children’s school uniform

Japan has the best school uniforms and matching bright, colored hats.


10. Over politeness

The excessive bowing, apologetic smiles – it’s real. By far the friendliest of cultures we’ve seen.

11. Crazy clothes

The wacky things they wear in Japan and still make it trendy.


12. Underground food courts

You ain’t seen food courts until you’ve seen the basement floors of department stores or train stations.

13. Vending machines

There are no shortages of vending machines in Japan and you can find anything from booze to coffee, cup o’ noodles, and even odd things like a tie should you forget one on your way to work. If you like the ease of convenience as well, you can hire coffee machines for your commercial property.


14. Chin rest on subway trains

In addition to handrails, there are chin rest for those sleeping while standing on the subway. We can’t make this stuff up!

15. Sushi!

Last but certainly not least, sushi! In fact, food in general from regional cuisine in Hida-Takayama to udon, ramen and shabu shabu.


I could easily go on and on and on but then it would just be a really long post. We found peace in the temples, fun in a photo booth and even saw geishas in Kyoto. Everything about Japan excites me: the food, the people, the culture, the way of living. From the punctuality of speeding bullet trains to everything at a push of a touchscreen, it’s a place we both look forward to returning soon.

Have you been? What do you love most about Japan?


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