RTW: G’s Packing List

I packed 8 months of travel clothes into a carry-on size backpack.



Osprey Porter 46. I must have gone through a new pack for every trip we’ve taken. Most resemble the backpacker’s pack — you know, the ones you see all throughout Europe for first time backpackers. Yup, those. So the Osprey is a bit of a departure and thank goodness for that. A big requirement for me was that my backpack had to be carry-on size and front-loading for easy access.

Packing Aids include: 

  • Northface Borealis Daypack
  • Crumpler 3 Million Dollar Home Camera Bag
  • Eagle Creek Packing Envelope
  • eBags Packing Cube



  • 4 t-shirts
  • 1 s/s button-up shirt
  • 1 l/s button-up shirt
  • 1 base layer (Patagonia Capilene 2)
  • 2 tank tops
  • 1 thin layer hoodie
  • 1 Patagonia Men’s Simple Guide Jacket



  • 1 denim
  • 1 convertible cargo pants
  • 1 pairs of shorts
  • 1 athletic shorts
  • 1 pair swim trunks



  • hat
  • sunglasses (Raybans)


  • 1 pair of Keen Newport H2 (ugly, but so functional)
  • 1 pair of Reef sandals
  • 1 black sneakers


  • 6 pairs of underwear (Mainly Exofficio)
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 1 quick dry travel towel



I recently posted my gadget list of devices I believe is essential for travel, more importantly, for long-term travel. And since Q’s packing Toiletry and Medicine for the both of us, I’ve got all the gadgets. Here’s the list (again) in short.

  • Nikon D90 w/ 18-105mm & 35mm 1.8 lenses
  • Canon S95
  • Kindle Touch 3G
  • Netbook Acer Aspire Timeline X 11.6″
  • Droid Incredible 2
  • iPod Touch
  • Garmin Nuvi GPS & iPod car adapter for road trip through New Zealand



  • TSA lock (2)
  • TSA lock with cable (1)
  • GorillaPod
  • camera / iPod Touch & iPad / Notebook / Droid charger
  • car adapter for iPod touch (for NZ road trip)
  • Dicapac waterproof camera case
  • Retainers (very important to maintain that smile)



  • passport
  • extra passport photos
  • air tickets
  • driver’s license
  • bank card + credit card
  • cash

Total weight: 23 lbs

You probably noticed that I didn’t pack any toiletries or medication. You can find that on Q’s packing list since I’m carrying the gadgets.

For this kind of long-term trip, I found that it’s worth investing in packing cubes and quality travel clothes that are quick dry (like my Exofficio underwear and sports socks).

So there’s my list!

And here’s how everything looks packed up!

So what do you guys think of my packing? Did I forget anything or pack too much?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sheherazade-Draw/504086915 Sheherazade Draw

    Nice list. :)
    Is your Osprey Porter the 46L? I’ve been looking at both the 46L and 65L.

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      46L. Thanks for trippin’ by!

  • Nguyen A Nancy

    AWESOME!!! Very good to know because I can barely pack for a weekend trip :p Hope you guys are having fun :)

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      Thanks Nancy! Q’s should be posting hers pretty soon.

  • Chris (Smitty) Smith

    Motherf…. I’ve lost my roots. I wasn’t able to do 12 days in France without a “king-sized” Samsonite suitcase, a day pack, and a carry-on (well… the carryon did carry almost every piece of photography equipment I own…).

    Madagascar in a year. Since I’ll only need shorts, packing should be much lighter.

    Looking forward to watching you folks travel the globe!

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      Holy cow. Madagascar?! Can’t wait to see your photos of their beetles!

  • http://listraveltips.com/ Lis – Travel Tips

    Seems about the same as mine – and I’m a girl! Though I don’t bother with denim, too heavy, too hard to clean. And you’re in NZ with out merino – check out a Kathmandu sale – you are pushing your luck with our summer! Hope you haven’t been too wet!

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      What summer? It’s been raining everyday! =P Hoping for the best the next few weeks.
      I have wool socks. Does that count? :)

  • http://technosyncratic.com Technosyncratic

    Oh my…. our packing list is WAY bigger than this! :P

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      Yeah. Never hurts to pack light. you can always pick stuff up along the way.

  • http://www.tompinit.com/ Tom Pinit

    Man I love these kinds of posts. Thanks for all the details Gerard. I love the Exofficio boxers as well (took 2 pairs to Italy for 10 days, lots of sink washing). We also have the Eagle Creek envelopes and packing cubes. It would have been cool to see a photo of your pack fully stuffed with all that…stuff :) Did you just go with earbuds for your music devices (i.e. no noise-cancelling headphones)?

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      No noise-cancelling headphones, too bulky. I’ll try to take a picture of the bag fully stuffed along the road. Thanks for the idea!

  • http://twitter.com/aMoneyForTravel MoneyForTravel.net

    My wife could learn a thing or two from you.

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      I think most guys would say that comment. hah

  • Anonymous

    Wow you sure are the expert at packing. I can’t think of anything that you’re missing or that you packed too much of! I’d like to see what Q packed!

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      Thanks. You can thank Q for that. And she just posted her list up!

  • http://twitter.com/twortw Two Go RTW!

    Great list — but wondering if you find travelling with the Kindle and the iPad redundant? Or do you prefer the former for reading because of the e-ink?

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      I think it could be redundant. But reading on a Kindle is so much better w/ the e-ink display. And since it’s less than a pound, I didn’t think it was too much more I was carrying.

  • http://travelnoodle.com/ Alexandra

    Gerard, I’m quite impressed! Packing is a challenge I have yet to master. I’d love to see a post about Q’s packing list too–ya know, girl to girl. :) Oh, and by the way, Canon S95, very jealous! ;)

    • http://travelnoodle.com/ Alexandra

      Oh and another thing, I’ll be curious to hear how the packing cubes work out for you–I’ve been looking into getting some.

      • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

        Q just posted hers. You can get the new Canon S100 and I’ll be jealous of you! The packing cubes have been working out great. Especially for my backpack since it doesn’t have any compartments.

  • http://WanderlustandtheGirl.com/ LAbackpackerChick

    Wow! that’s alot of stuff! it all fits comfortably in your bag? i’ve considered the Porter 46 but it didn’t seem heavy duty enough for long term travelso i’m now looking into the Farpoint 55 which is supposed to still be carry on sized.

    how are the shoulder straps holding up on the Porter?

    good post! :-)

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      Yeah. Keep in mind I kept my electronics in my daypack. The Farpoint should be another good bag considering it’s made by Osprey as well. The backpack straps are holding up quite well. It’s well padded and pretty comfortable. The waist strap helps with support as well. You will feel the weight after 15 minutes of walking though. That is probably the case with many bags this shape.

      • http://WanderlustandtheGirl.com/ Labackpackerchick

        I keep going back and forth but the attached day pack has now officially sold me on the 55L Farpoint. hope your trip is going well!

        • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

          Other than mosquito bites in Thailand. It’s going great. :) Good luck with your new bag! Devon from http://www.answeringoliver.com also is using that bag currently on her RTW.

  • Anonymous

    Which camera do you find yourself using more the Canon S95 or the Nikon D90? I am having trouble leaving my DSLR behind but would love to not carry it around. Also on the Nikon which lens have you been using more the 35mm or the 18-105mm?

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      We’d probably say s95 to be honest. It’s even gotten better shots sometimes. The DSLR comes in handy on days for sightseeing. But other than that, the s95 is great for casual use. As far as lenses go, I tend to use the 35mm more because I love the sharp photos I get with it. Great for food and street photography. For sightseeing, the 18-105mm goes on. You can honestly get by with the s95 about 75% of the time.

  • travellingbelle

    Hi there, i’m about to embark on a 12 mont + RTW adventure and i’m struggling to see how everyone can use a 40-50 L pack. When I look at my gear it is compulsory for me to take a sleeping bag for my african tour leg (1 kg down bag) and also, my SLR has two very big and heavy pro lens. Also, my travels will involve travelling from Nepal (-15 degree celsius) and India (+40 degree heat). I have gone through to a 67 L Osprey pack (53L internally and a 15L day pack) i guess my main question is do you use the day pack you purchased for packing your belongings as well? Have i been slightly ‘soft’ by inveseting in 70L pack instead of the 55L equivalent? Any tips you can give would be fabulous! http://www.travellingbelle.com

    • Alex

      hi there! congrats on your upcoming re-release into the world!
      the good thing about your trip is that you’re going to the most trave gear intensive places first which means you can shed yourself from tons of weight after africa and nepal!
      are you taking an overland tour in africa? because if you are you dont have to worry too much abotu having a heavy pack at the beginning of your trip because you’re stuff will just sit in the truck most of the time if you pack strategically.
      check out a packing list i created today for my website about Africa:
      take a backpack you can lose after nepal, or better yet donate it to someone else when you’re there! the key to cold areas is layers!
      as for your day pack, ideally you wouldn’t it use it to stuff clothing if you can avoid it.
      hope this helps! if you have any more questions, feel free to message me, this is my specialty and i’ve been all over Africa on two trips! :-)
      use GQTrippin’s advice about the eBags to stuff your clothing, makes a big difference!

      • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

        Thanks for replying back Alex! I don’t think I really have much to add since I haven’t done an overlanding trip through Africa. I would have trouble fitting all my stuff into my bag if I had to carry a sleeping bag as well. I’d probably give away the sleeping bag after you don’t need it anymore. My main pack just carries the clothing, and the daypack carries most of the electronics. That’s how we’re able to make it work. Hope that helps!

  • Brian

    I think less is more , especially when you have quality clothing ,,,but might go for the http://www.ospreypacks.com/en/product/backpacking/farpoint_55 as it has a detachable day pack …..

  • neanyoe

    Hey G! I’ve been reading through your guys’ site all night here at work, helps a lot! esp with this packing one, I think I’ll check out REI for anything new/comparable since my backpack is a lot bigger.

    • http://www.GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQtrippin

      Cool! Yeah man. Carry-on size is the way to go. Don’t forget I had the Osprey AND my Northface Borealis Daypack (which was able to carry a lot too). Happy plannings man.

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