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The things WE DID WRONG on our RTW trip

It’s never easy to admit fault. But there’s always something to learn. I can sit here and brag about all the things we did right on our round-the-world trip; there are lots and I’m quite proud of them. But let’s be real, you’re all dying to know where we went wrong, so let’s cut to… Read more…

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5 Essentials and Useless Things I Packed

Find out what we didn’t need and what we couldn’t travel without. Some of you have emailed and left comments regarding our packing list – wondering what items we packed were useful and what items we could have traveled without now that we’re home. We didn’t do too bad if I do say so myself…. Read more…

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Answering Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

2012: You have questions.. hopefully we will try and answer them now. It’s a new year and we’re answering our most frequently asked questions from 2012, because when you tell people you quit your job to travel the world for a year, there are bound to be some questions. Questions like, “Where was your favorite… Read more…

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