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Kickin’ It in Mykonos

Want to party it up in Mykonos? Just don’t come in October! Apparently, the party does stop in Mykonos. Off season is really off here in Mykonos. The tourists are all gone, so are the locals. Shops — closed. The few that stick around open for business when cruise ships, that’s us, pull into port. We… Read more…

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Ayse from OurExplorer

Meet Ayse: The Best Guide in Istanbul

Want to have a great cultural experience in Istanbul? Book with Ayse! Meet Ayse! She’s fun and smart and personable. She is informative and a wealth of knowledge. Here are a few more reasons why we think Ayse is pretty awesome: Responsive: Ayse will reply back. And quick. Speaks English: She speaks English very well — something… Read more…

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Day Trippin’ in Ephesus

Skip underwhelming House of Mary and spend the day in ancient Ephesus! Ephesus is a major tourist attraction in Turkey and is one of the top destinations along the Mediterranean. And it’s obvious why. It’s the most well- preserved historical sites we’ve ever visited. When you’re cruising, it’s hard to find decent information on how… Read more…

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Pit Stop in Brussels, Belgium

Consider this another rookie mistake. Apparently booking two days early is considered two days too late for the Eurostar. We missed our opportunity to train to Paris. Instead, we rerouted the entire trip and headed in reverse to Brussels. We had a wonderful afternoon hanging out in and around the Grote Markt (Market Square)– a… Read more…

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