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Buenos Aires

Food Trippin’ in Buenos Aires

For only 4- days in Buenos Aires, not half bad on the food frenzie.   In fact, we ate far better than expected. Buenos Aires is a playground for foodies and a mecca for meat lovers! Believe me, you won’t go hungry while you’re here. if you are visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina reserve a cena romantica… Read more…

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Iguazu Falls

Hostel Review | Marcopolo Inn Iguazu Falls

First thing you should know. There are 3 different Marcopolo establishments and 2 of them are called Inns — Hostel Inn, Marcopolo Inn and Marcopolo Suites. Confused? So was our driver. Our own taxi driver, a local no less, kept getting lost and taking us to the wrong one — the lesser, more grungier of… Read more…

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Iguazu Falls

Foz do Iguacu: Parque du Aves

We love birds. So much we’re willing to sacrifice 4 more stamp spaces in our passports crossing the border back to the Brazilian side just to go to Parque du Aves. What can we say, we love birds. Check out the claws on this one.. G’s favorite bird in the entire park.. the flamingo! The… Read more…

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Rio de Janeiro

Porcao Rio: Churrascaria At Its Best

Surprise! Nana’s waiter guy, Thiago from Bar Miniero, not so coincidentally, showed up. Apparently he was so compelled by Nana’s presence at lunch, he called Manu and found out where we were having dinner. Creepy? I think it’s cute. Nana was embarrassed at first but deep down she was smitten too. About Porcao Rio, so… Read more…

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Rio de Janeiro

Reveillon in Photos

Complimentary champagne from our hotel.. Getting the party started in our hotel room.. Looking fresh in our hotel lobby.. The boys.. The girls.. Partying with 14 year olds.. yes, sadly they are 14. Feeling very old. Celebrating NYE on Copacabana Beach Nearly 30 minutes of this! Reveillon in full force.. And.. the grand finale! five-0..

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